How Much Can a Grab Lorry Take?

How Much Can A Grab Lorry Take?

Grab hires are convenient vehicles, mainly Lorries, that allow customers to properly dispose of waste products that they have been unable to recycle. Most of these grab trucks can lift over 10 tonnes and along with them comes a trained waste handler to ensure the work is well done. These Lorries remove large amounts of waste from tricky spots using a hydraulic arm. Have you been looking for a simple and faster solution to get rid of all that dirt and filth dotting your neighbourhood? Active Grab Hire is the company to invest your time and money in. Their services are best with the following in consideration:


1. What Can A Grab Lorry Carry?

Grab Hire Lorries can carry a wide variety of waste, both recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Among recyclable waste, there are things like soil, domestic waste, land and garden waste, bricks, furniture, and general non-hazardous waste. Non-recyclable wastes include plastics of any kind, rubble, and some specific hazardous wastes.

Grab Lorries cannot carry wastes like; oils, tires, batteries, gas bottles, paints, and some hazardous waste. A 4 wheel grab vehicle can reach:

  • 5.5 meters from the truck and carry a load of 8 tonnes
  • A six-wheel lorry can get to 6.2 meters from the car and carry 13 tonnes
  • An eight-wheel grab lorry can reach up to 7.6 meters and carry up to 16 tonnes


2. Who Needs The Services Of Active Grab Hire?

  • Gardeners benefit greatly from grab hire services since most garden waste can be cumbersome in large amounts and somewhat tricky to dispose of at times.
  • Home renovators who love making improvements to their homes. While most of these projects are relatively small and may only require a simple skip hire service, some of them happen on a larger scale, and thus they will require the services of a grab hire lorry to handle all the heavy lifting and excessive waste
  • Property developers who may work on homes that require much work can also use Active grab hire services to deal will any excessive waste at affordable rates.
  • Self-employed people with businesses that tend to generate much waste may find the services of Active Grab Hire extremely useful. It will allow them to cut down on waste disposal costs and will enable them to maximize their time on work as grab lorries can take a wide range of different waste types at the same time.


3. What Services Does Active Grab Hire Provide?

Active Grab Hire provides rubbish removal services, both commercial and domestic. They collect and remove all types of refuse for domestic services, including old tools, grass, old clothes, and other forms of waste. Any waste generated at your workplaces, such as operating rubbish and even food wrappings, will be well handled for commercial rubbish collection.

Active Grab Hire also offers fast, effective, and cost-efficient groundworks contractor services available to domestic, commercial, and industrial clients. For the first phase of construction, Active Grab Hire is well equipped to carry out ground preparation tasks from site clearance and ground stabilization to drainage prepping, site waste removal, and delivery of aggregates.

Garb hire services make environmental care a straightforward and achievable thing. All the dirt collected around the neighborhood can quickly and easily get cleared to make room for development and cleanliness at very affordable prices. Grab hire services include garbage removal and disposal, groundworks, and delivery of aggregates. Contact Active Grab Hire for fast and reliable services.

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