What Is Aggregate?

Construction aggregate is a kind of coarse- to medium-grained material that you use as building materials when building for your construction or landscaping project. It can be normal sand, building sand, sharp sand, gravel, crushed stone, crushed concrete, slag, recycled concrete and more. Construction aggregate is one of the most mined materials in the world. It’s used as a base for roads, sidewalks, and foundations. At Active Grab Hire, we offer aggregate supply in Slough and surrounding areas.

Aggregate can also be used in a landscaping project as you can use it to create borders or pathways in your garden. It’s a great way to add texture and colour to your yard. You can also use aggregate as topsoil.

When you’re looking for aggregate, it’s important to choose the right type of material. Not all aggregates are created equal. Some aggregates such as crushed concrete are better suited for certain projects than others.

If you’re building a road or foundation, you’ll need a coarse aggregate that can withstand heavy traffic such as crushed concrete. If you’re creating a border or pathway, you’ll need a smaller aggregate that won’t sink into the ground. Aggregate can usually be used as an additive to ready-mix concrete as well.

When choosing an aggregate, it’s important to consider the climate. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll need an aggregate that doesn’t freeze such as sharp sand. If you live in a hot climate, you’ll need an aggregate that doesn’t melt.

Aggregates come in many different shapes and sizes. You can find aggregates that are smooth or rough such as sharp sand as well as aggregates that are round or flat. You can even find aggregates that are coloured or ones that use recycled materials. Active Grab Hire provides a diverse range of aggregates.


Slough Aggregates

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Active Grab Hire is the perfect choice for aggregates in Slough and the surrounding areas. We have been providing high-quality services for many years and we are always on time, every time. We offer a variety of different services to suit your unique needs including grab hire and aggregate supply! Do you require an aggregate supply for a building or landscape development project? If that’s the case, Active Grab has a variety of natural and recycled aggregates available to provide you with an industry-leading, environmentally responsible choice.

Customers may purchase our Slough remediated aggregates in quantities ranging from 1 pound up to 10 tons to suit their specific project demands. Our aggregate bags are ideal for small home renovations and modest landscaping projects because they are flexible and cost-effective. We can provide bulk deliveries or on-site recycling for bigger construction projects.

To ensure that we deliver a high-quality product, all of our aggregates in Slough are subjected to external examination. We have a team of impartial auditors who do this work. After the natural and recycled aggregate samples have been examined, they get a test certification.

Now that the construction industry is under increased scrutiny for having a negative effect on the environment, it’s more important than ever to find environmentally responsible ways to use recycled aggregates. You may make your project more eco-friendly by reducing your environmental impact by using our recycled aggregates. An additional advantage of utilising recovered aggregates is that their usage of them may save you money in the long run.

To find out about our complete range of aggregates in Slough contact our team today.

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