Aggregate Suppliers and Recycled Materials in Woking

Aggregates are used in a wide variety of applications including asphalt productions, drainage systems, capping, decoration and sub-base purposes.

Active Grab Hire supplies recycled aggregates throughout Woking, the local area and throughout Surrey, for a range of business types. We supply top-quality aggregates such as hardcore, topsoil, sand, ballast and crushed concrete.

Our experienced team maintain a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles that is able to complete deliveries to both domestic and commercial customers, specialising in providing solutions to demolition and construction businesses when aggregates need delivery to site.

Our aggregate rates are highly competitive along with our fast, reliable and efficient delivery service in Woking and throughout Surrey. We deliver our range of aggregates directly from our yard.

Same day aggregates

In some cases, depending on our availability we are able to provide same-day aggregates. We understand that same-day aggregates can be extremely useful for projects when things don't go as planned. In most cases, as long as we have enough notice and access to the yard site or address for delivery then we'll be able to provide construction aggregates on the same day.

Primary materials

• Type 1 limestone

• Sharp sand

• 20mm ballast

• Building sand

• 10mm washed shingle

• 20mm washed shingle

Recycled materials

• Screened topsoil

• Type 1 crushed concrete

• Type 2 crushed concrete

• Type 2/6f2

• Reject sand

• 10,20,40mm reject shingle.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer a professional, reliable and affordable aggregates service from the initial pricing and advice to on-time and competent deliveries to suit all customers. We also offer a wealth of practical experience to all our customers in most aggregate applications, such as a specialist project or assistance choosing from our range of aggregates. We also aim to provide a same-day aggregates service to any yard or location in Working, Surrey.


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Aggregate - Construction-Sand

Types of Recycled Aggregates


Topsoil is the uppermost layer which is high in organic matter and nutrients. It is formed by the slow weathering of rocks and decaying matter over many thousands and often millions of years.

Topsoil has many used and is used mostly in agriculture, such as landscaping, raised beds, lawns, and gardens, it also helps with with drainage issues, and water harvesting.

Topsoil has proved ideal for the base construction of sports pitches used for football, rugby cricket and hockey.


Hardcore is made up of non-easily degradable materials such as building waste, crushed rock, gravel and quarry waste employed used to create a base for heavy load-bearing stone and concrete. It is usually one of the most popular forms of recycled aggregates that can be found on site.

Any concrete ruble we provide does not contain gypsum which can cause thaumasite and degrade concrete.

An essential part of any durable foundation is a well-laid hardcore bed of compact and crushed aggregate to form a solid foundation. Our hardcore is often used to raise floor levels as well as lowering them for major construction works such as road building.

Hardcore used and laid out in the correct manner provides stability and strength to many construction projects as well as good drainage. As serious problems may arise if the hardcore is not of a suitable standard and if the process is not carried out in the correct and thorough manner.

Type 1 Limestone 

Type 1 Graded Limestone is down crushed Limestone meeting the requirement of the Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works. Type 1 limestone is used as a high-quality fill or sub-base material for roads, highways, pathways, car parks and driveways.

Sharp Sand

Sharp sand is also known as builders' sand and has a gritty texture used in numerous construction applications. Sharp sand is normally used where more strength and less flexibility are required.

Within the construction industry, sharp sand is general-purpose sand used mainly in concrete work, rendering, top dressing for gardens, parks and lawns, and internal floor screeds, to loosen clay soil and create good quality potting soil.

We work with many local companies in Woking and throughout the rest of Surrey, and and domestic and commercial enterprises and have built a solid track record of providing extremely high-quality aggregate services at all times. For aggregates and recycled materials throughout Woking, Surrey and surrounding areas call the grab hire and groundwork specialists today on 01784 819193 or request a free quotation for a fast response to your aggregates services enquiry.