Are you looking for an efficient muck away, waste disposal or refuse collection? If you’re searching for the right tools to remove large quantities of commercial waste materials or debris left over after construction, grab hire Kent is a great solution.

Services from Active grab hire are affordable and easy. We’ll take the stress out of waste disposal by delivering the correct machine, and an experienced team to operate the grab vehicle, to your premises or site.

We will clear your site and remove all your unwanted building materials and inert waste for fast disposal.

We can take care of all your recycling, muck away and waste removal and load service in Kent and the surrounding South East area.

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What is Grab Hire?

Grab Lorries are used for projects that have created large amounts of waste material, rubbish, or rubble. A grab lorry can collect and carry a variety of materials that can then be recycled or disposed of. Our Kent services utilise a grab lorry and team of operators to offer cost-effective waste removal, muck away and aggregates delivery. Grab hire is often cheaper and easier than it would be to deliver a skip.

Our grab lorry hire is available in Kent at a reasonable cost. If you’re overseeing a large scale industrial clear up or have just completed construction work, a grab lorry will be able to gain access to your premises and pick up the waste. We have a large fleet of vehicles and an experienced team of professionals to perform waste disposal in Kent and surrounding South East areas, whether its a small or large amount, we will dispose of it.

The Benefits of Grab Hire Kent


Allows you to clear up on a large scale

If your project is spread over a large area, such as in commercial or industrial operations, it’s likely that you’ll need more than just a skip and rubbish clearing service. It’s worth considering grab hire Kent for larger construction projects to ensure that all your waste is safely disposed of. Trying to dispose of larger items can cause injury, so it’s best to employ an experienced team.

Quick and easy service

Grab hire services with Active Grab Hire are quick and straightforward, and always professional. Grab hire allows for fast and efficient waste disposal as one of our lorries holds the same amount of waste as three skips. Our grab hire offers minimal disruptions, which means you’ll be able to quickly arrange a collection and fit in the clearance without upsetting your daily routine. Available for both domestic and commercial customers.


Grab lorries are equipped to deal with all types of materials from loose soil aggregates to wet garden muck for the homeowner or large concrete pieces on a building site. A grab hire service can remove green garden waste, domestic or commercial debris.

The team will first organise the waste into piles, which will allow them to be easily picked up and lifted into the lorry’s load area.


Grab lorries can be easily moved around, unlike skip hire, which has to stay in the same place once sited. Grab lorries are designed to be compact and agile. They can enter the site and clear up the waste. You won’t need any permits to park on the road, and we can access inaccessible areas due to the extendibility of the hydraulic arm.

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If you’re searching for a reliable and cost effective grab hire Kent company, don’t hesitate to contact Active Grab Hire. We can offer waste disposal for large amounts of rubbish and are more cost-effective than skip hire. We also offer muck away and primary and secondary aggregate. We are fully licenced waste carrier with the environment agency.

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